Club Members Training within the Gym
Kettle Bells and Weight Bars
Female training on the rowing machine
Image by Annie Spratt


With club's personal trainer

Suze Adams


Based on the recent government announcement that access to gyms and fitness centres will require persons to be fully vaccinated as from 31/01/2022, the Busselton Fitness Club and its members will be required to comply with this requirement. 


Therefore the following will be required to be emailed through to in order for members to continue to be able to access the gym as from 31/01/2022 or alternatively attend the gym on the following days/times to provide in-person to a Committee Member


Saturday 22 & 29 January 2022 @ 10.00am – 2.00pm;


Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination

Some businesses and venues in WA are required to check the COVID-19 vaccination status of patrons aged 16 years and over as a condition of entry.

Acceptable forms of proof include:



Acceptable forms of proof of a medical exemption

If you are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for a medical reason, a doctor will update your record on the Australian Immunisation Register to show that you have a medical exemption.

You can then show proof of your medical exemption when entering a business or venue.

Acceptable forms of a medical exemption include:

  • The ServiceWA app, the WA Government's free, convenient and secure mobile application to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations

  • your COVID-19 digital certificate (that shows your medical exemption) through myGov (external link) or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app (external link)

  • your certificate stored in a smartphone’s wallet, along with an acceptable form of identification

  • a hardcopy of your certificate, along with an acceptable form of identification

  • a digital or hard copy of your immunisation history statement, along with an acceptable form of identification.

It is not permissible to allow non-members to enter the gym on your card as there are no allowances for casuals.

To do so could lead to cancellation of Membership.


Members are requested to always use the check-in Service WA or Safe WA App after using their membership card for entry to the gym.


Members need to inform Committee Members of any non-compliance.


Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to the closure of the gym.


Please note that after 31/01/2022, if the above has not been provided, your access card to the gym will no longer work, please contact us if you have any further queries.