New and existing club members - as part of your membership with the Busselton Fitness Club you are entitled to 2 sessions with the Club’s Personal Trainer.

Personal training - active weight training

Leanne Anderson 
(Club's Personal Trainer)

M: 0408 086 234



These sessions maybe used for a gym induction, where you will be given 2 basic full body programs, incorporating strength, core and cardio. 


For the more experienced club member, 2 sessions can be put together to compliment your current training program or an introduction to a training style you have never carried out before.


The Club's Personal Trainer will guide you through your exercises.  Whether you are looking for weight loss, sport specific, functional movement or strength conditioning and whoever you are, from a novice to an experienced gym user, programs can be tailored a to help you reach your fitness goals in a way that will be easily incorporated into your everyday life.