Welcome to the Busselton Fitness Club Website and we hope that you will enjoy your membership and make the most of the Club’s fantastic facilities.


To ensure that all members of the Fitness Club benefit from its use and to keep costs to a minimum, as we are a not for profit organisation and run by volunteers, please note the following guidelines that all members must endeavour to follow:-


1.    Persons must be financial members to use the Club. 


2.    Please note that no refunds on cancelled memberships and swipe cards will be granted.  

3.    Use of Swipe Card – While the card is your responsibility, it is the property of the Busselton Fitness Club Inc.  The card is not to be transferred or

       loaned to any other person.  The replacement cost of the card is $30.00.  Should you choose to not renew your membership, the swipe card will need 

       to be returned to the Club or a $30.00 fee will be invoiced to cover the replacement cost. 

4.    Please clean your shoes on the mats provided at the front door prior to entering the Club (especially if returning from the beach or gravel car park or

       have work boots on). 

5.    In consideration of others, please ensure suitable footwear is worn (no bare feet) and please bring a towel not only for personal use but to also 

       wipe machines after use. 

6.    If you are the last to leave the Club, please ensure: 

  • All fans are switched off;

  • The hot water is switched off;

  • All lights are switched off; and

  • All windows and doors are locked.

7.    Use of Weights – please replace all weights (in consideration of others who may not be able to remove or lift them) and please do not drop the

       weights or use drop mats provided.


8.    No equipment or area should be reserved for use within the Club.


9.    The Club, its equipment and mechanical apparatus are recommended for use by adults, the Club is not a safe environment for children under the 

       age of 16. 


10. To ensure the Club is not in breach of its lease agreement and in order to meet its obligations to protect the Club against possible litigation:

  • The Club is not permitted to run any group fitness class activities, nor allow private fitness instructors to operate from the venue, unless employed directly by the Club. 

  • All members must have received and signed a copy of the Indemnity Agreement (please contact the Club if you have not received a copy).

  • No food or alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.

  • No smoking is permitted on or within 5 metres of the premises.

  • Dogs (other than Guide Dogs) and bicycles are not permitted in the Club, however, a bicycle rack has been provided immediately outside the Club entrance.


11. Please report damage to the fittings or equipment immediately to Bill O’Byrne or Deb Holden.


12. Please note that the Club is not responsible for personal injury or property loss.  Therefore take care in the Club and watch your personal property


13. Please report any vandalism or theft.  Vandalism and theft cannot be tolerated and if proven, those persons responsible will be prosecuted.  As you 

      can appreciate, vandalism and theft are the Club’s largest loss which only impedes improvements to the Club for all to benefit.


14. Please report the unlawful use of the Club.  All financial members are encouraged to report any persons using the Club that are not a financial 

      member or who have not made prior arrangements to pay as a guest.  No one deserves the right to abuse the privilege of the services our not for

      profit, volunteer-run Club provides.  Please advise either Bill O’Byrne or Deb Holden.


We welcome, encourage and value any comments that may lead to the improvement of facilities provided. You may email feedback to the Club Secretary: Carl McDonald