About Us...


Gone are the days of separate female and male workout times, curtained partitions between toilets & change rooms, inferior sports equipment that lasted several sessions and the gym unlocked for several days at a time.


Yes, it’s true… in the late 70’s when the Club first operated from a privately owned premises in Queen Street, there were curtains across the toilets and designated female and male training times.  From the sale of this premises and with the help of the then Shire of Busselton, the Club relocated to the local Swim Club building in 1974.  In 1990 the Club purchased the old “Potters House“ Building and relocated it to its current site today, Margaret Street, Busselton.


Jim Morris, Retired Club President (2016) and Bill O’Byrne, current Club President, have been active members of the Club since 1986.  The Club now has a full Committee, some who have been on board for over 25 years.  As a members club, the decisions made are in an effort to cater for all members in a fair and equitable way and to ensure the longevity of the Club. 


The Club has grown ten-fold today, including two renovations, continual acquisition of new, updated equipment, employment of a Personal Trainer and the implementation of cleaning, security and swipe card services.  


The Busselton Fitness Club Inc. will continue to upgrade and maintain equipment in an endeavour to keep up with ever-changing, state of the art technology, while remaining a financial, not for profit organisation, ultimately set up to offer affordable fitness to all members of the community.